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Getting CMMI Certified in Memphis, Tennessee (TN)

CMMI offers a process management model with a maturity of five levels. Developed by the CMMI Institute, it has been quite popular within the field of system and software engineering. This is a set of best practices in the sector that may be considered a body of knowledge, as it encourages a philosophy of self-assessment and process development.

How does it compare to ISO

CMMI is static and primarily applies to organizations designing software-intensive programs. ISO is scalable and relevant to every type of manufacturing industry. CMMI has its focus on the systems of project management and engineering, while the emphasis of ISO is more general in nature.

CMMI involves procedures ingrained into company practices to ensure that these systems become part of organizational culture and not fall down under the burden of deadlines. ISO determines conformance and is unclear whether or not that conformance is of significant market value.

As an integrated and professional methodology, CMMI addresses risk control by defining risk factors, quantifying these risk factors, and monitoring them during the project life cycle. Until recently, ISO was impartial as regards risk control. ISO 31000:2009 now sets out basic standards for developing, applying, and managing risk control systems within an enterprise.

Although CMMI emphasizes connecting processes to company goals, customer satisfaction is not a consideration in the rating although customer satisfaction is an essential part of ISO criteria.


CMMI Appraisal

In CMMI, a company can not be certified; rather, a company is appraised. The company may be given a maturity level ranking (1-5) or a capability level performance score, based on the form of an appraisal.

Most companies see interest in performing an appraisal to assess their progress. Usually, the tests are carried out for one or more of the reasons below:

  • To help determine how well the processes of the company align with CMMI best practices and find places where changes can be made
  • To tell potential clients and suppliers how well the operations of a company align with CMMI best practices
  • To satisfy one or more contractual requirements from customers

Organizational appraisals utilizing a CMMI model must adhere to the criteria set out in the CMMI Appraisal Requirements document. There are three groups of evaluations, A, B, and C, focused on finding areas for change and contrasting the processes of the organization with best practices of the CMMI. Class A classification is the most structured of all and is the only one that will result in a level rating.

At ISO Pros in Memphis, Tennessee (TN) we assist you with your CMMI appraisal which provides a holistic perspective of an organization’s development practices and service management activities. While ISO Pros assessors will consider a systematic perspective of the business model and carry out comprehensive assessments with CMMI and ISO requirements. Integration assessments are much more effective, which saves customers time and money.