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Getting CMMC Certified in Memphis, Tennessee (TN)

The CMMC provides a common framework for cybersecurity implementation for DoD contractors. This is a modern mechanism for ensuring the security of confidential defense knowledge by the more than 310,000 firms in the supply chain of the defense industrial base (DIB).

This certification has been in development for many years but in January 2020 the first details on the architecture were published. The framework uses a model of “maturity” in which 3rd-party assessors conduct audits and companies are given a “level” reflecting the protection of cybersecurity that they have put in place.

The CMMC is a compliance process and certification has been developed by the DoD. It’s intended to ensure contractors have put in place the safeguards to protect sensitive data. These records include Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Federal Contract Information

The introduction of version 1.0 of this much-awaited CMMC was in January 2020. The system was developed in collaboration with a few research organizations and businesses. The CMMC combines various historically separate compliance processes that are now unified into the framework. It has also taken certain principles on best practice from the related compliance procedures, including those found in FISMA.

But, the greatest shift for DoD contractors brought on by implementing the CMMC would be the need to conduct external compliance audits. In the past, defense contractors would have been completely responsible for certifying and monitoring the security of their own systems, as well as any other DoD data that they hold or send. Under this new model found in CMMC, contractors will be responsible to implement requirements for cybersecurity but third-party auditors will inspect these programs. These compliance audits will ensure that all required procedures, practices, and capabilities are achieved.


Let’s discuss the first maturity level

There are 5 levels in the CMMC and we will look at maturity level1. The maturity levels are determined by achieving the generic and specific goals which relate to each predefined collection of process areas. The following explains in a bit more detail, the characteristics of the first stage of maturity.

Maturity Level 1

Also known as the initial stage There is no regular product development cycle at the business. Nor does it have a project management program that helps developers to forecast expenses or completion deadlines with any accuracy whatsoever.

We can explain it in detail as provided below:

  • Processes at maturity level one are typically ad hoc and unpredictable.
  • The corporation doesn’t necessarily have a climate that is stable. Performance in such organizations relies on the organization’s people’s integrity and heroics, and not by utilizing established procedures.
  • Organizations at maturity level one also produce services and products that function but have no specific software development procedure for the business. Nor does it have a project management program that helps developers to forecast costs or completion deadlines with any accuracy whatsoever.
  • Organizations at maturity level one are marked by a propensity to over-commit, to abandon their processes in periods of crisis, and are unable to replicate their previous successes.

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